The College of Applied Science and Engineering

CBEThe College of Applied Science and Engineering (CASE) was formed in 2012 and merged together a rather unique collection of science and engineering departments and interdisciplinary programs with similar emphases on excellent education and training for our students as well as state-of-the-art research that addresses the challenges that face our world. Our evolving vision can be summarized as follows:

CASE Vision:To capitalize on our cross-disciplinary strengths in science and engineering as we develop future leaders capable of addressing significant scientific and technological issues that challenge our world.

To achieve this vision, we currently have close to 90 truly outstanding and dedicated faculty members who are engaged in teaching and research and who are leaders in their respective disciplines.  The research being conducted in CASE is extensive and accounts for almost half of the total research at Mines and over 40% of the doctoral students on campus.  Given the extent of these research efforts, it is common for many of our undergraduate students to have research experiences in the laboratories as they assist faculty and graduate students. Our research is funded by combination of industries and both state and federal agencies and our students are heavily sought after upon finishing their degrees. In fact, our ability to place students has led to very high rankings nationally and internationally where, over time, we are considered one of the best investments students can make in their futures.

The four academic units and two interdisciplinary graduate programs that comprise CASE are:

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Department of Chemistry

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Department of Physics

Materials Science Program

Nuclear Science and Engineering Program

Through these departments and programs, CASE is proud to offer rigorous and highly regarded educational programs that emphasize problem solving and critical thinking as faculty, staff and students address professional and societal needs. Thus, I encourage you to consider joining the nearly 1,500 current CASE students and to pursue a world class education where you will be able to develop the skills you will need to become leaders who are positioned to address the future societal challenges that we will undoubtedly face. I assure you that the CASE faculty will challenge you to become more than you can comprehend at this time and I encourage you to embrace this challenge.


Michael Kaufman
Dean and Professor



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